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The Theme Table


Imagine having a table that can change themes for each occasion...

The idea of a Theme table came after doing a few epoxy river tables. I love the way they turn out, they are beautiful and fun to make. 


I thought it will be great to have a table that can have ornaments or objects as centerpiece incorporated inside it, rather than on it. It can be changed to incorporate a different theme for each occasion. Maybe pictures for a birthday party, sea shells to remember your special occasion, horse shoes to remember your special horse, feathers, rocks, wood slices, driftwood, holiday decorations, led lights, etc.  The options are endless!

How it works...

The theme table has a hollow space in the center that serves as containment for your decorations. The space is either covered with a recessed piece of glass, or an entire piece of glass that covers the whole table. When you are ready for a change, all is needed is to remove the glass and change arrangements. Just like that you have a new table!

The hollow space can run through the entire length of the table or can be partial utilizing natural holes from the wood slabs. The possibilities are endless!

Pictures coming soon!

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