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At Wild Wood Rescue and Designs, we specialize in artistic, live edge, one-of-a-kind pieces. From tabletops, to mantles, swings, and more. Since we started in 2013, our passion and focus has been to create useful wooden art from rescued trees that are salvaged after removal or natural causes.

We started with small pieces like organic shaped bowls, live edge charcuterie boards and sculptures. We gained a lot of insight about wood types, character, drying process and movement.  Through this process, we mastered sanding and finishing wood.


Small gave way to bigger pieces and we fell in love with the results.


Wood is utilized as a primary material allowing our designs to include all natural objects, like stones, minerals, metals, antlers, shells, etc. Fire is another element that is commonly incorporated into our creations. We can use high voltage electricity to burn the wood (Lichtenberg method), or use torches to char the wood (Shou Sugi Ban method).

“Created by God, handcrafted by a son” is in our logo, we feel humble to have the ability to work with God’s creation. We work closely with homeowners and organizations to preserve the wood of trees due to familiar, historical or meaningful reasons. We look forward working with you.

Pecan heart._Www.wildwoodrescue_edited
 blue inlay cheese board._$50_www.wildwoodrescue_edited
Driftwood bowl_One of a kind_$ 120_edited
Food deserves to be served on Wild Wood Rescued pieces!_edited
Showing a chainsaw distressed bed swing._Available also in whitewash finish._edited
 serving board, with lots of character._Find it at 4 corners Gallery in Bluffton_edited
Rustic bradford pear charcuterie board with epoxy river_$80_edited
Scrap wood + chainsaw + 3 hours = useful art #mtym13 #rusticdecor #liveedge #wood #reclaim
Cheese boards, all made with local wood, Red Cedar, Maple, Persimmon and one of my favorit
Wall art
Organic shape trays, custom work for  Chef Brandon Carter_edited
Mother and child sculptures_edited
Oak slab coffee table_edited
centerpiece, rescued from a site prep at Colleton River
Hichory slab coffee table_edited
Live edge sycamore with epoxy coat_edited
Another happy customer, what an amazing idea for the use of a multiple bowl piece.__Www
Driftwood hanging lights_Available_edited
Solid walnut cutting board with laser engraving
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